• Identification of trades & other economic activities of importance to Scheduled Castes population.
  • Upgradation of skills & processes used by persons belonging to Scheduled Castes.
  • Promotion of small, cottage & village industries.
  • Financing of pilot programmes for upliftment and economic welfare of persons belonging to Scheduled Castes.
  • Improvement in flow of financial assistance to persons belonging to Scheduled Castes for their economic well-being.
  • Assistance to target group in setting up their projects by way of project preparation, training and financial assistance.
  • Extending loans to eligible students belonging to Scheduled Castes for pursuing full time professional and technical courses in India and abroad.
  • Extending loans to eligible youth to enhance their skill & employability by pursuing vocational education & training courses in India.

In pursuance of above objects, NSFDC is engaged in providing financial assistance at concessional interest rates under various credit  based schemes to beneficiaries belonging to Scheduled Castes  through the SCAs and other channel partners and is also extending various non-credit based schemes to support the target groups.

Managed by: Sapan Barua (sapanbarua7@gmail.com)
on 03 November, 2016