NSFDC provides term loan for project(s)/unit(s) costing upto Rs 47.50 lakhs.

Quantum of Assistance:

NSFDC provides term loan up to 95% of the cost of project, subject to the condition that the SCAs contribute their share of assistance as per their schemes and also provide the required subsidy besides tying up of the financial resources from other sources available.

Interest Rates:


Amount of Loan per Unit/Profit Centre (NSFDC's Share)

Interest per Annum Chargeable To*




Upto Rs 5.00 lakh

3% 6%

Above Rs 5.00 lakh and upto Rs 10.00 lakh

5% 8%

Above Rs 10.00 lakh and upto Rs 20.00 lakh

6% 9%

Above Rs 20.00 lakh and upto Rs 47.50 lakh

6% 9%

* The above rates of interest are not on slab basis.

Repayment Period:

Term loan is to be repaid in quarterly/half yearly/yearly installments, within a maximum period of 10 years.

Moratorium Period:

6 months to 12 months depending upon nature of business activity

Managed by: Sapan Barua (sapanbarua7@gmail.com)
on 10 January, 2023