Under this scheme, beneficiaries can obtain loan for project(s)/unit(s) costing from  Rs. 10.00 lakh to Rs. 50.00 lakhs at interest rates of  9%. The salient features of the scheme are as under:

Maximum Loan Limit: NSFDC provides loans up to 90% of the Project Cost, i.e. Up to Rs. 45.00 lakhs per beneficiary

Rate of Interest: NSFDC shall charge interest @ 5% from the SCAs/CAs, which in turn, shall charge 9% from the Beneficiaries.

Repayment Period: Utkarsh Loan is to be repaid in quarterly/half yearly/yearly instalments, within a maximum period of 7 years including 6 moratorium period (except for plantation and construction activities for which it will be 12 months)   .

Managed by: NSFDC Admin (rakhi.morwal@gov.in)
on 16 April, 2024